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Welcome to Live and Let Dip.com, this website is intended to be a source of information of Plasti-dipping, a place for people to show off their plasti-dipped master pieces 

and of course somewhere to go if you want to buy plasti dip.


What is Liveandletdip.com all about?

This website is all about promoting Plasti Dip and its many uses, you can find out more about the different colors and finishes available from Plasti Dip. There will also be links to an area for you post your finished projects to, and where you can see projects completed by Liveandletdip.com. And lastly Liveandletdip.com is about getting things dipped, so click on our shop or contact us if you want to buy dip!!!

What is Plasti-Dip?

Plasti Dip products from www.plastidip.com

Plasti Dip International, the makers of Performix Brand products, has been developing and manufacturing its own specialty flexible, rubberized and protective foam coatings and adhesives since 1972. It all started with the most well known product in our line, Plasti Dip®. This DO-IT-YOURSELF rubberized dip protective coating product allowed the average consumer to begin coating and protecting all sorts of items around the home from tool handles to art and crafts. See www.plastidip.com for more info.


What is special about Plasti-Dip?

It is an amazing product, it is easy to apply, no major prep work is required and the best bit is that it can be peeled off… Yes it really can!!

When applied to a vehicle body it can offer a limited amount of protection, (you are putting a rubber coat on the car not a Kevlar one) there are loads of examples of people surviving minor bumps and grazes in cars, and finding that the Plasti-dip protected the original paint work without even a scratch.

Plasti-dip is also very easy to repair, not like regular paint hat has to be sanded down, re-primered and then paint matched, and blended etc etc. With Plasti-dip you can use a xylene or naptha thinner or the repair kit and literally turn the Plasti dip back to a liquid form, smooth it out, then Plasti dip straight over it again.

There are more and more Plasti-dip installers popping up, this product is going to be massive in the auto world and in probably every hobby world. And with new and exciting products and colors coming out the possibilities and uses for this product are endless.